Shadow and Silhouette

The shadows that light paints on surfaces surprise and amuse me, often more than the object itself. I like the
anonymity and universiality of silhouettes, backlit subjects with recognizable shapes.
Legs in Fishnets
Legs in Fishnets       (2023)
Fan-Tastic Buildings
Fan-Tastic Buildings       (2021)
The Traveler
The Traveler       (2017)
Ornate Chevrons
Ornate Chevrons       (2017)
Glowing Hive
Glowing Hive       (2018)
Puckered Muslin
Puckered Muslin       (2015)
Rolling Pins
Rolling Pins       (2018)
Diurnal Sleeper
Diurnal Sleeper       (2019)
Taking a Spin
Taking a Spin       (2019)
The Outsider
The Outsider       (2017)
Dream Date
Dream Date       (2022)
Sunset Pet
Sunset Pet       (2017)
Thread Head
Thread Head       (2018)
Hypnotic Eyes
Hypnotic Eyes       (2017)
Hand in Fishnet
Hand in Fishnet       (2019)
Pink Partitions
Pink Partitions       (2019)
Sunny Bistro
Sunny Bistro       (2024)
Leaf Shadow
Leaf Shadow       (2022)
Tiger Light
Tiger Light       (2018)
Gleaming Beams
Gleaming Beams       (2018)
Stigmata       (2017)
Monarch Cycle
Monarch Cycle       (2017)
Still Life
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