Some people, presences, and gazes are entrancing, haunting. They conjure stories and unlock closeted fears. Many of the characters here are wearing makeup, costumes, or masks.
Often their eyes speak volumes. Encountering them on the street, we might politely look away. However, I invite you to stare as long as you dare.
Little Witness
Little Witness       (2018)
Little Witness
Afraid to be seen or heard, a wraith cloaked in darkness peers around a door frame. She was summoned by concern, awakened by the familiar sounds of violence in her home. Although she wears the velvety skin of youth, her knowing, serious expression reveals a childhood lost. There are no more tears.
Intense Witch
Intense Witch       (2018. Witches Series)
Lola       (2017)
I See Dead People
I See Dead People       (2017)
Droid       (2018)
Icy       (2021)
Soul Thief
Soul Thief       (2019)
Spray-On Beauty
Spray-On Beauty       (2019)
Dante's Inferno
Dante's Inferno       (2019. Wicked Manors Series)
Out of the Box
Out of the Box       (2022)
Under the Big Top Preview
Under the Big Top
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