I appreciate the sculptural quality of shoes and boots; the stories they tell; and their shadows, embellishments, energy, and moods.
Don't worry. I'm not hallucinating, but I've started to see shoes where there are none. Maybe you'll see them too.
Boogie Shoes
Boogie Shoes       (2019)
Boogie Shoes
Made of rope light, these electric blue heels beg for the zoom technique. Strands of beads or jewels seem to radiate from them. Can't you imagine tripping the light fantastic in these babies?
Boots Made for Walkin
Boots Made for Walkin       (2018)
Hot Heels
Hot Heels       (2023)
Zori       (2019)
The Seduction of Eve
The Seduction of Eve       (2023)
Mondrian's Red Socks
Mondrian's Red Socks       (2024)
Stiletto       (2023)
Brogans       (2016)
High Heels
High Heels       (2023)
Femininity       (2023)
Dressed Up
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