Still Life

I delight in the subtle elegance of some inanimate objects and the audacity of others. The softness and implied
movement of curves appeal to me; they appear in many of these stumbled upon and staged images.
Romeo Loves Juliet
Romeo Loves Juliet       (2023)
I Dream of Jeannie
I Dream of Jeannie       (2018)
Sumptuously Dressed
Sumptuously Dressed       (2023)
Wonderland Window
Wonderland Window       (2022)
Teeth Couch
Teeth Couch       (2018)
Major Tom
Major Tom       (2022)
Curvocado       (2020)
Off Target
Off Target       (2018)
Rainy Night Light
Rainy Night Light       (2018)
Kid Knees
Kid Knees       (2018)
Preening       (2018)
Red Hot Wheels
Red Hot Wheels       (2023)
Sardine Sarcophagus
Sardine Sarcophagus       (2020)
Tranquility       (2024)
Thigh Spy
Thigh Spy       (2018)
Faint Hope
Faint Hope       (2021)
Off My Rocker
Off My Rocker       (2021)
Pipe And Leaf Wabi-Sabi
Pipe and Leaf Wabi-Sabi       (2024)
Ikebana       (2024)
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