Triptychs & Diptychs

For me, it's a fun and challenging mental exercise to make triptychs and diptychs, respectively 3- and 2-panel photographs. Ideally, each panel is interesting or attractive alone and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
I use this artform to tell stories, make comparisons, show time progressions and varying perspectives, create abstracts by splitting a whole, and create new objects by rearranging parts.
Spherical Duality
Spherical Duality       (2018)
Metallic Feathers
Metallic Feathers       (2018)
Lyrical Lapse
Lyrical Lapse       (2019)
Grandfather's Cottage
Grandfather's Cottage       (2022)
Getting Through
Getting Through       (2019)
Getting Through
Two male Chinese acrobats hop through hoops. On the left, the younger performer springs backward without even a glance. On the right, the older performer splays his legs for a safe landing. Do you get through life with confidence or with fear?
Walk Like an Iguana
Walk Like an Iguana       (2016)
Flipper Totem
Flipper Totem       (2018)
Spinning Tops
Spinning Tops       (2017)
Checkers (Color)
Checkers (Color)       (2017)
The Missed Opportunity
The Missed Opportunity       (2019)
Drink, Drank, Drunk
Drink, Drank, Drunk       (2018)
Drink, Drank, Drunk
In this progression, we see the same curvaceous server with her tray of fast food. Is she getting more and more drunk or are we? Are we aware of any distortion in our worldviews?
Tropi-Truck       (2024)
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